There are many benefits to refinancing your current loan. For example, you may obtain a lower interest rate, lower your monthly payment, remove mortgage insurance, lock in a fixed interest rate, or even obtain a cash out refinance for home improvements or consolidating debt. Whatever your personal reason is for obtaining a refinance, Thomas & Brown is here to help. Here are some reminders to help you prepare for your closing.


  • Communicate with your lender and adhere to the lender’s requirements.
  • If you need to bring any money for cash to close, pursuant to O.C.G.A Section 44-14-13, Georgia law requires all funds for closing over $5,000.00 MUST be in the form of a bank wire, NO EXCEPTIONS (including any gift funds or funds from any other source that may be used by the borrower including closing proceeds from another law firm). Funds under $5,000.00 may be a cashier’s check or wire.
  • If a Power of Attorney is executing closing documents on your behalf, the original must be brought to closing, as it must be recorded. The executed Power of Attorney form must be approved prior to closing by the Attorney and the Lender.
  • Please notify us ahead of the closing day if your spouse is not on the loan but they need to be added to the deed and title.
  • If the borrower is an entity, such as a trust, corporation, limited liability company, etc. then additional information is required such as EIN, Operating Agreement, Proof of Good Standing with the State where entity is established, Bylaws, and resolution naming an authorized signatory.


  • 2 Forms of Identification – One must be a government issued photo identification (Driver’s license, Passport, Military Identification, Resident Alien Card, and/or State-Issued identification card). The other form of identification can be a Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, and /or Homeowner’s Insurance Dec Page. If you have alternative identification, please contact us for prior approval.
  • If you are receiving any proceeds from the refinance, then please bring your account information for how you wish your funds to be processed. This will include:
  • (1) All name(s) listed on the account;
  • (2) Wire routing number for the financial institution;
  • (3) Account number associated with the financial institution; and
  • (4) Any other special instructions such as intermediary bank information if the funds are going into an investment account.