We are grateful you have chosen Thomas & Brown to assist you with the closing process. Here are some reminders to help you prepare for your closing.


  • Please complete the Seller’s Information Sheet that will be sent to you securely by Thomas & Brown.
  • If the Seller is using a Power of Attorney for the closing documents, the Power of Attorney must be approved prior to closing.
  • If the seller is an entity (such as a trust, corporation, limited liability company, etc.) then additional information may be required such as EIN, Operating Agreement, Proof of Good Standing with the State where entity is established, Bylaws, and resolution naming an authorized signatory.
  • Repair receipts and any warranties, if applicable.


  • 1 Form of Photo Identification – This must be a government issued photo identification (Driver’s license, Passport, Military Identification, Resident Alien Card, and/or State Issued identification card).
  • Account information for how you wish to receive your proceeds. This will include:
    • (1) All name(s) listed on the account;
    • (2) Wire routing number for the financial institution;
    • (3) Account number associated with the financial institution; and
    • (4) Any other special instructions such as intermediary bank information if the funds are going into an investment account.
  • Keys, garage door openers, passcodes for entry and for any other smart home devices. If you are doing a seller mail away or unable to attend closing, please arrange with the other parties to be able to give these items to the buyers.
  • If the Seller is using a Power of Attorney for the closing documents, the original document must be brought to closing, as it must be recorded.